In the early days of mobile internet, Gelon.net developed the Wapalizer, a wap browser emulator that fetched pages from WAP sites and converted them to HTML web pages on-the-fly.

The advancement of mobile technologies have made this tool pretty much obsolete. Today almost all of the current mobile phones support full HTML browsing, so Gelon.net has discontinued Wapalizer.

If you still want to check how a website looks on a WAP browser, you can use one of these:

Gelon Directory

Our original WAP directory has now evolved into a comprehensive web directory tracking the impact of the mobile web and wireless internet on selected aspects of our society.

For example, advances in mobile technology are having a profound impact on the legal industry and on how lawyers get work done. The best service oriented local law firms provide direct access and flexibility, including free consultation and 24/7 availability. Smaller law firms, instead, use smartphones for billing and expense tracking, and nearly all lawyers (94%) reported using a mobile device for law-related tasks at home, accoding to the American Bar Association.

In the news

This website Gelon.net has been featured on BBC News and The New York Times.